Positive Vibes

Top of the line classy work

I wanted to tell you how thankful I am that I found YOU to take these pictures of me. I have been extremely insecure about my body since I was young and I would have never thought in a million years that I would have the courage to do a boudoir session (because to top it off I am not photogenic - you are a badass photographer). You have no idea how nervous I was about the session but you made me feel at ease from the moment I walked into your studio. Honestly Lynn, you made me feel like I knew you for a long time, like we were longtime friends. I don't know how you were able to turn my nerves into comfort, but I thank you so much for that, as all that reflected in my pictures. I can't THANK YOU enough for your top of the line classy work, your expertise, and your patience with me. I LOVE my pictures, you truly are a great photographer.

Flor V.

Amazing Experience

Holy Cow, I've looked at the pictures I don't know how many times and still can't believe that's me! You have such an amazing eye, attention to detail and a true passion for what you do that comes through in every photograph! You are the definition of MAGIC! Thank you for allowing me to have this amazing experience and for making turning the big 5-0 a little easier! Thank you for allowing me to see a side of myself that I wasn't sure really existed! Thank you for making me feel comfortable and beautiful...given the circumstances...and I'm serious...I really want to do this again. Who would've thought...lol. Thank you, thank you...a thousand thank you's...not just for what you did for me, but for what you do for every woman that has the pleasure of working with you!

Leanne T.

I actually AM sexy

"I couldn't believe these pictures were of me! For someone who believes they are unphotogenic, the pictures were amazing. I didn't think I could ever pull off a "sexy" look, but with your coaching of poses, facial expression, and photographic talent, I managed to achieve a sexy look. 

For someone who has always been the shy, quiet type, it was an amazing confidence boost and very empowering. And it gave me the tools to help me be sexier in real life with my husband. Now I no longer feel like I'm "trying" to be sexy while he thinks "thanks for trying, but it's just not working for you". Now I feel like I actually AM sexy."

Lori W.

I am NOT model thin

Lynn, I want to express my gratitude to you for my amazing photo shoot.  As you know, I am 53 years old and have wanted to do something like this for a long time but was apprehensive for many reasons.  My age, the fact that I am NOT model thin and I have severe scoliosis which makes for a short and crooked torso which gives me no waistline.  I certainly have never felt beautiful with a crooked back - always wishing mine was like others.
From the time we finished our first consult, you had me actually anxious to do the shoot rather than apprehensive.  During the shoot I felt beautiful and not only sexy but I truly felt like a model and that even I could actually look good in photos.  I am so proud of the results that I not only want to share them privately with my husband but want to show the world!  Ok, maybe not the world but I feel like even though my body is far from perfect and gravity has set in, I am a beautiful woman and your gorgeous and professional shots at just the right angles showed the best of me. I only wish that I had done this years ago as well as now.  Women deserve to know that we are all beautiful and our husbands would have us no other way!

Nancy N.

Making me feel beautiful

I just got home from my shoot with you and I just wanted to reach out to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for the amazing day you gave me! I was so apprehensive about doing a pregnancy boudoir shoot because I wasn't sure how I would feel or how it would turn out but you made me feel nothing short of gorgeous from the get go! You had so many creative ideas and made me feel like the prettiest and sexiest mama out there! I don't even have to see my pictures to know how amazing they are going to be. Thank you a million times for giving me such a great day and making me feel so beautiful!

Kaela D.


"I was nervous to look at the photos at first. I was afraid that I would be embarrassed and uncomfortable. But when I saw them - they were just so tasteful and glamorous. They were definitely the best side of me, and it was really empowering to see. This was a huge boost in self-esteem and a fun experience that most of us don't think we will ever have."

Mallorie B.


I’ve been blessed with so many wonderful clients who have graced the studio and am thankful to the women who took the time out to write a review or send me an email letting me know how much their boudoir session has impacted them. If the above testimonials aren’t enough, then grab a glass of wine and enjoy some honest words here. Below are some emails written directly to me, and some reviews from Yelp. I hope you can identify with some of the women here in terms of how they were feeling before their boudoir shoot (nervous, unsure…), and then get an idea of what it’s like as they describe their boudoir experiences.


Anxious, nervous, doubt, were some of the emotions that filled my mind as I slipped into my first outfit.  Then the questions came, what am I doing?  Can I be sexy?  But after the first couple of flashes, my music playing in the background, Lynn’s direction and words of encouragement, I fell victim to the lens and became fueled with confidence.  And once I saw the pictures I was overwhelmed with gratitude, Lynn had made me look so drop dead gorgeous!  My fiancé was so appreciative, so much so that he wants me to do it again!  He said it was the best gift I could ever give him and I am so happy I went through with it.  Lynn is a great photographer to work with – could not feel any more comfortable in front of her.  She will go to great lengths to make you a satisfied customer…I sure was.
Veronica C.


“On another note, this has done wonders for her self esteem. If you’re still doing this next year, I’m signing her up again. She was full of confidence. What’s more appealing than your wife feeling good about herself?! You must swell with pride with the ability you have? I tell her EVERYDAY how beautiful she is and a session with you and she’s cured? Pisses me off…but in a good way. Thanks Lynn.

Scott (satisfied husband!)


Lynn was excellent at making everything easy, she knows exactly what she is doing and really puts her subjects at ease. The fact that she is a woman, I think also helps her be a better boudoir photographer. I felt at ease almost instantly. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw my photos. Any worries I had were based solely on my own insecurities. {My significant other} was beyond thrilled with the photos, and even particularly liked ones that I might not have chosen, had Lynn not suggested them. We don’t always see ourselves the same as others do.This was a liberating experience and something you will be thrilled about. Even if you have no one in particular to share them with, it is a marvelous gift for yourself to treasure. I am trying to think of an excuse to do it again.
Carey K.


“You were sooo easy to work with and made me feel comfortable. I had no idea how to pose or what would look good so your walking me thru it all was essential to the wonderful outcome I had! This photo session captured my sexuality in a very classy, sophisticated way which is exactly what I was looking for! I can’t thank you enough for the magic of your work. You are truly talented and such a gentle soul. My experience was life changing. Lynn you  made me feel like a rock star that day…I still do!”
Jackie J.


I want to thank you for making me look so beautiful.  Yes, my husband loves me, but you allowed me to see myself as he does.  Thank you.”
Pam F.


I cannot say enough good things about Lynn. She makes the boudoir experience so easy and comfortable! I knew I wanted to do a boudoir shoot as a wedding present to my fiance, so I researched boudoir photographers in the area, and I liked her pictures the best. After the first meeting with Lynn, I knew I made the right choice! She is so friendly and fun to work with. She walks you through the entire shoot and makes you feel like a supermodel!

After the shoot, I met with Lynn to go over the photos to decide which ones I wanted. I couldn’t believe how amazing they turned out! It was so hard to pick which ones I wanted because they were all stunning. Before I gave my fiance the photo album, I showed it to my mom, aunt, and sisters. They absolutely fell in love with the photos. They kept saying how beautiful I looked and that I should be a model. But honestly, all of the women in Lynn’s photos look like models. She knows how to make you look good!

When I gave the photo album to my fiance, he was so surprised and couldn’t stop looking at the photos! He LOVED it…I did this for him, but I also did it for myself. Doing the shoot felt so empowering, and I recommend it for every woman out there. I would do another boudoir shoot with Lynn in a heartbeat!

Veronica R.


I cannot tell you how much fun this experience was. Lynn’s personality puts you at ease almost immediately. Erica did a fantastic job with makeup and hair, loved it! Lynn then guides you through poses and outfit changes. I am so happy with the pictures as is my husband. I would highly recommend Lynn. She was professional and extremely supportive. Lynn’s photos are sexy and classy, she is truly an artist. I am so glad that I did this for my husband…and for me. She was able to capture me feeling beautiful and sexy, not an easy feat.

Michelle P.


First off, Lynn is AMAZING! I honestly had no clue what I was doing in terms of posing, etc, but Lynn offers such amazing guidance throughout the entire shoot and makes you feel absolutely sexy and confident. I had no idea I could even look like that! The photos turned out beautifully and if I still lived in AZ I would honestly do it again because it was so much fun. Not only was it a gift for my boyfriend, but it felt like a gift to myself as well.

Lynn is so incredibly helpful throughout the entire shoot and even after when picking pictures for the album. She has such great insight into what poses/outfits/backgrounds work and what is most flattering and sexy. I trust her entirely and the results are amazing. Don’t waste your time going to anyone else for boudoir! Lynn Dao is the absolute best and a true talent.

Tanya B.