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If you had asked me in undergrad what I was going to be doing with my life, I would not have answered boudoir photographer. That was not even on my radar back then...boo-what? I tried to be practical with a degree in economics, but I was definitely not feeling the numbers. I ended up teaching for a few years and LOVED being in the classroom with my students. Too much moving around burned me out of teaching and I found myself in San Diego taking photography class after photography class. I was hooked since I developed my first images in the lab.

I started shooting weddings with a classmate and eventually branched out on my own as a wedding photographer. Boudoir became poplular for brides and I found myself loving it even more than weddings.

When I moved to Phoenix, Arizona I decided to specialize only in boudoir photography (bye bye weddings!) and opened up Boudoir in Bloom. My style has definitely evolved over the years and the studio grew into what's now Highline Images. I made a promise to myself and my clients to always try new things with every shoot so I don't get bored out of my mind and my work stays fresh and timeless.

Over the years, I realized it's more than just taking sexy photos. Some women have never seen themselves this way before and to see tears shed or women tell me how much the experience has empowered them and boosted their confidence has made it so rewarding for me. So thanks for stopping by and I hope I get the chance to give you the same experience and images you'll be proud to look back on years from now.

You know I love photography, but I got a bunch of other loves in my life too!

•The hubby. He makes me laugh everyday, mostly with weird faces and strange bodily noises, and sometimes a morning dance in front of the mirror.

•My kitties. Bella, the sweetest cat to have ever lived...and Tovi, who's sometimes a real punkass, but then he comes up and cuddles with me and all is forgotten.

•Yoga. I'm still not that flexible, but I can sure rock a good headstand! It's such a huge part of my life that I got my 200 hour certification in 2014. Ask me about our Costa Rica surf yoga retreats -it's a week of adventure!

•Nature. I feel most at peace when I'm walking through the woods, sitting by a river, or staring out at the ocean, or better yet, swimming in it with wild dolphins! Nothing gives me that sense of serenity like Mother Nature. Her sunsets are spectacular, her full moons comfort me, her soft breezes bring a smile to my face.

•Travel. I love exploring the world, learning about different cultures, trying all sorts of food, and soaking in all the beauty of this world. If you love travel, head to my Travel Blog to get ideas for your next adventure.

I hope to meet you either in the studio or somewhere in this beautiful world of ours!


See yourself as a soul with a body rather than a body with a soul. -Wayne Dyer

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